Panel Borders: Comics and ‘zines

Panel Borders: Comics and ‘zines
Orignally broadcast 03/07/08 as part of Strip! on Resonance 104.4 FM

In a pair of interviews about the crossover between comics and
(maga)zines, Alex Fitch investigates a love of retro horror comics with the editor of the EC Comics tribute magazine ‘From the Tomb’ plus, in a sneak preview of the forthcoming Comics and Zines celebration in Museum Street on the 19th of July, Alex talks to organiser and small press creator Jimi Gherkin about the event.

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Links: Comics and ‘zines blog
Jimi’s myspace page
Paper Tiger comics website, which Jimi contributes to

Soaring Penguin, publishers of ‘From the tomb’
Interview with Peter Normanton, co-creator of ‘From the tomb’
Wikipedia page on EC comics, publishers of classic horror titles

Comics news:

Comics and \'zines flyer

Also: Online now at Manchester Met’ Contemporary Film and Video:

Tales from the Flat: the movie! (sort of)

To quote one of the stars, Oliver Lambden: “Alex Thomson, Jack Tomkins and Jon Hull recently completed their final piece for their film degrees at Manchester Uni and they decided to make a short documentay all about Modern Monstrosity and The Camden Comics Stall. Give it a watch, it’s bloody awesome, the soundtrack’s amazing, it’s only ten minutes long and it’s viewable here…”

(For the sake of accuracy, I’d like to point out that my car is grey and not red; little did I know that I was driving Indiana Jones to the Temple Meads of Doom…)