Hooting Yard: When Blodgett met Dobson

“Four kinds of wild pigs are found. The most numerous, or at least the most often seen, as it lies about our enclosures, is the common thorn-hog. It is the largest of the wild pigs, long-bodied and flat-sided, in colour much the hue of the mud in which it wallows.” – Richard Jefferies, After London

The first Hooting Yard of 2005 brings more revelations into the literary life of Dobson, plus advice on keeping a wild-pig.

* Tsunami Apeal
* Introduction (Belshazar’s Feast)
* Me and my Thorn-Hog
* In a Cabin, On a Ship (When Blodgett met Dobson)
* Phantasmal Quest Thing (Dobson’s Tolkienesque Fantasy)
* Belshazar’s Feast (A story about Abba)
* Hengist Pod Asks a Question
* Quotation from Robert Burton, “The Anatomy Of Melancholy”
* Has he taken leave of his senses? (An invistigation into the detective methods of Confidential Agent Blott)
* The Cabinet of Doctor Calicagcag