Kevin Eldon – Speakers #1: Lecturer

First in a series of comedy monologues by commedian and actor Kevin Eldon.

7 thoughts on “Kevin Eldon – Speakers #1: Lecturer

  1. Delysid

    The links on this page still don’t work (today is Apr. 25, 2006), but I did manage to find teh elusive “Kevin Eldon – Speakers #1” file by poking around the directory struture near the broken URL. You can download or play the file in this directory:

    A note to the web folk at Resonance: this podcast (Kevin Eldon Speakers #1) is also not downloading from the iTunes podcast directory, giving an error message instead.

    The rest of the Kevin Eldon speakers files all download just fine on both the Resonance website and from the iTunes podcast directory. It’s just #1 that isn’t correctly linked in both the Resonance and Apple iTunes systems.

  2. John

    I don’t understand how this is a ‘Podcast’ if you can’t even download the mp3 without doing some geeky sniffing around.

    The URL for the actual mp3 file is here:

    (I used URLsnooper to get the URL)

    In summary then:
    Please just provide the actual links to the damn file! Don’t hide it behind a flash player, it’s only caining your bandwidth unnecisarily by forcing people to stream it off the page every time they want to listen to it rather than letting them download it, which is, surely, the whole point of a ‘Podcast’.

    Sorry if this sounds rude Resonance folks, you’re all doing an awesome job!

  3. John

    Gah! Now the link I posted above has been automatically hidden inside a little flashplayer. Whywhywhy?

    Do you not want people to download these files or what?

  4. Sal

    Thanks for the feedback; I will have a go at making it so that users can download these old files directly. In truth we do not particularly want people to download form this site – there is a plan to move everything over to, and at this point it will all be fair game!

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